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Philips Efficia CM Series Patient Monitor

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Philips IntelliVue MP5 – Cardiac Monitor

Original price was: ₨ 100,000.Current price is: ₨ 80,000.
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MINDRAY iMEC 8 – Cardiac Monitor – 5 Parameter

Parameter control:

  • ECG 3/5 leads;
  • Temperature;
  • Breath;
  • SpO2 – pulse oximetry;
  • NIBP – a method for measuring blood pressure;
  • Heart rate.

Original price was: ₨ 100,000.Current price is: ₨ 85,000.


Mindray iMEC 8 is a flexible configuration device. It can transmit the necessary patient data and establish communication with the central monitoring. Designed for use in operating rooms and ICU departments, hospitals, outpatient departments.


  • iMEC 8 patient monitor with touchpad for ease of use;
  • The bedside monitor has a 3-channel printer to improve patient information transmission;
  • USB port for transferring data to the hospital computer;
  • Remote status monitoring with data view function. This will increase the efficiency of the work of medical personnel;
  • Shortcut Keys – The doctor can customize the required options and save them. Collapsed if there is no action within 15s;
  • Increased efficiency with bi-directional control of the CMS;
  • Reliable protection of the screen from moisture and drops;
  • Wi-Fi – for integration with the Hypervisor VI central monitoring station;
  • Lots of tools for calculations;
  • iMEC 8 works with any patient group;
  • Setting up alarms is now faster – with the push of a button
  • All data can be viewed from another device;
  • Night mode – for uninterrupted condition monitoring. Switch to one monitor mode or all at once;
  • The lithium-ion battery powers the Mindray iMEC 8 monitor for up to 2 hours during a power outage in the hospital;
  • The bedside monitor can be mounted on a wall, on a patient bed with hooks, on a stand with wheels and on clamps;
  • There is a button for quick disconnection;
  • Confidential Mode – One press of a button to turn on, ensures data storage without the possibility of leaks.

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