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GE Voluson S8 Ultrasound Machine

The Voluson™ S8 is designed for the demands that busy practices encounter. With its effortless imaging and efficient workflow, you can obtain the answers you need with speed and confidence. Reduce time spent on image acquisition, analysis, and reporting, with advanced automation tools, exam guidance and streamlined reporting allowing you to focus on what’s important, your patients and practice.


GE Voluson ultrasound machines are well-known for solid image quality, great ergonomics, and industry-leading 4D obstetric imaging.

The most notable feature on the refurbished Voluson S8 is the addition of HDlive in later versions. This provides a much more lifelike image in 4D “babyface” imaging, and is considered the “hot technology” for those providing 4D imaging for pregnant mothers.

Advanced imaging and measurement features include: semi-automated fetal biometry, Advanced Volume Contrast Imaging, and SonoAVC follicle (Sonography-based Automated Volume Count follicle).

4D Biopsy: For minimally invasive procedures like biopsies, ultrasound is a widely used method to visualize and guide the needle. 4D biopsy allows for real time control of the biopsy needle in s 3D multi-planar display. The Voluson S8 with 4D Biopsy shows the region of interest in three perpendicular planes (longitudinal, transversal and frontal sections) and can guide the biopsy needle accurately into the center of the lesion.

CE: Coded Excitation improves image resolution and penetration in the far field on the Voluson S8. This allows the user to scan at higher frequencies on technically difficult patients.

Advanced SRI: A nonlinear diffusion filtering technique that improves image quality in real time by reducing speckles. Available in all B-mode imaging on any probe compatible with the Voluson S8.

CrossXBeam CRI: This technology is borrowed from the E8. It is compound resolution imaging used to improve border and image clarity the Voluson S8.

SonoNT: Allows for semi-automatic Nuchal Translucency measurements.

FFC: Focus and Frequency Composite is a Voluson S8 technology that utilizes two different transmission frequencies and two different focal ranges in the 2D image. This function combines a low frequency to increase the penetration and higher frequency to keep the resolution high. It reduces speckles and artifacts in the 2D image to facilitate the examination of difficult-to-scan patients.

SonoRender Start: This technology on the Voluson S8 speeds up the acquisition of the fetal face in 4D.

TUI: This is a new visualization mode for 3D and 4D data sets on the Voluson S8. The data is presented as slices through the data set which are parallel to each other. An overview image, which is orthogonal to the parallel slices, shows which parts of the volume are displayed in the parallel planes. This method of visualization is consistent with the way other medical systems such as CT or MRI, present the data to the user. The distance between the different planes can be adjusted to the requirements of the given data set. In addition it is possible to set the number of planes. The planes and the overview image can also be printed to a DICOM printer, for easier comparison of the ultrasound data with CT and/or MRI data.

VOCAL: Imaging program opens up completely new possibilities in cancer diagnosis, therapy planning and follow-up therapy control. It offers different functions: Manual or Semi automatic Contour detection of structures (such as tumor lesion, cyst,prostate, etc.) and subsequent volume calculation. The accuracy of the process can be visually controlled by the examiner in a multi-planar display. A virtual shell can be specified around the contour of the lesion. The wall thickness of the shell can be defined. The shell can be imagined as a layer of tissue around the lesion, where the tumor vascularization takes place. Automatic calculation of the vascularization within the shell by 3D color histogram by comparing the number of color voxels to the number of grayscale voxels.

Beta View: allows the adjustment of the Volume O-Axis position of 3D probes in 2D mode. The green line in the displayed symbol indicates the position of the acoustic block. + and – defines the corresponding sweep direction on the Touch screen.


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